Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hilsong - Secon Chance lyric

You called my name
Reached out Your hand
Restored my life And I was redeemed
The moment You entered my life

Amazing grace
Christ gave that day
My life was changed
When from my shoulders

Fell the weight of my sin
So it’s with everything I am
I reach out for Your hand

The hope for change
The second chance I’ve gained
On You I throw my life

Casting all my fears aside
How could greater love than this
Ever possibly exist

Consume my thoughts
As I rest in You
I’m now in love
With a Saviour
Bearing the marks of His love
So I’ll wait upon You now
With my hands released to You

Where a little faith’s enough
To see mountains lift and move
And I’ll wait upon You now
Dedicated to Your will
To this love that will remain
A love that never fails

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